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    The energy of natural components!

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    RA GROUP décor cosmetics products

    The perfection of your image!

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    Business with RA GROUP Int.

    The opportunities you can seize with RA GROUP Int. can change your whole life dramatically.

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    A wide choice of natural perfumery from manufacturers from all over the world!

About company

The main purpose of RA GROUP Int. is to provide its customers with high quality and affordable elite products and give the distributors the opportunity to build their own business together with the company.
RA GROUP Int. is an international company with regional offices in Ukraine, Russian, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, and Spain.

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The opportunities you can seize with RA GROUP Int. can change your whole life dramatically.
Cooperation with RA GROUP Int. is, first of all, a chance to achieve success, make one's dreams true and become a financially independent person. We do everything possible for the growth of our partners, improvement of their life quality, success and financial well-being! We will gladly share our knowledge and experience with you!

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Where to start?

It is easy to become a partner of the company. You can start a business in our company by the invitation of the information sponsor or register at our website on your own. Your informational sponsor will assist you in building up a business. Besides, you are going to receive help in organizing service information centres, as well as thecomplete computer-aided support of your activity, assistance in holding seminars and training organization, with thepreparation of salesmen-consultants, entrepreneurs (the company provides support to everyone - from Interns to the President's Advisor).

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Our values are natural fragrances and high-quality cosmetics that everyone can afford.

We are not simply selling natural fragrances and cosmetic products at the best prices, we create culture, etiquette, and philosophy.




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